We’ve been changing lives for more than 20 years.  Our clients have a lot to say.

Testimonials from clients we’ve worked with show the breadth of challenges that curiosity can help overcome.  If you are looking for testimonials related to your industry or need, just ask.

“The outcomes we ‘brainstormed’ in our initial meetings were delivered.  The surveys of over 95% of our managers were exceptional.”  – Managing Director, Banking

“The class provided concrete, actionable skills. They were presented in a way that will allow us to use the information learned immediately and repeatedly.”  – Manager, Global Products

“Your training raised awareness of options, skills, and tools that I didn’t know had a name.”  – Vice President, Banking

“When we implemented the concepts from the training in our company, the dialogue became more  receptive between departments and among company leaders.  Creativity went way up, and we also found new revenue streams and ways to partner with vendors.”  – CEO, Hospital

“The distractions and ‘good ideas’ that come and go in business can often waste lots of time and millions of dollars.  Your questions and observations were unusually perceptive and got to the heart of the matter quickly.”  – CEO, Corporate Relocation

“Not only did we explore our individual selling styles, those who were fearful of making sales calls and presentations overcame their concerns.  These new skills are helping them make real connections with both potential and existing clients.”  – President, Computer Technology